We love good food.

Private Label

We love good food. We strawl trough restaurants, international markets and the internet in search of ideas, products and recipes that we can produce in our kitchen and then pack in glass. For many products glass is the best way to maintain the quality.

We are experts in the field of manufacturing and packaging-technology. With a culinary background and a lot of experience in both brands and private label-development. We understand our clients and in close collaboration come to the best possible products.

Quite often customers ask us to produce a specific product for them, or create a product they can’t find elsewhere. In other instances we develop an improved or cheaper version of an existing product.
We love to take on these challenges. We like to work on innovative, distinctive and tasty products. But also in more mainstream or even ‘price segment’ products, sometimes we can make the difference in taste or price.

Open, Direct, Clear
We try to fulfill each customer request, but do not promise what we cannot deliver. We meet our commitments. And if not, we’ll tell in time and come with a solution. In our communication we are open, direct and clear.

Responsible & Involved
The making and packing of products under brands of others, we feel as a big responsibility. We act accordingly. We are very creative to meet packing requests from our customers and almost always find a solution. If our existing lines are not suitable we will try to make adjustments, or make investments to be able to deliver anyway.