We love good foods.

CO-Packing & CO-Making

On our production-lines we pack products for third parties. For large-scale manufacturers that have no own filling-lines for glass. But also for small businesses or chefs that make an outstanding product that they want to produce on a larger scale.

The products we pack are often ready-made, supplied in tanks or containers. We heat them, just enough to establish the required shelf life and give the final product the right appearance. We can produce many products on customers’ specification in our industrial kitchen. This way, large food producers can outsource more of their operation. Smaller parties, without their own production facilities, can this way produce on a professional scale, without having to make large investments.

Responsible & Involved
The making and packing of products under brands of others, we feel as a big responsibility. We act accordingly. To our co-packing customers, Glasbest works and feels like a department of their own company. We are very creative to meet packing requests from our customers and almost always find a solution. If our existing lines are not suitable we will try to make adjustments, or make investments to be able to deliver anyway.